What is Link Building and Why Is It Important?

I’ve heard before that perhaps the most important part of your resume is your reference names and phone numbers. When you are applying for a job, you can make up whatever facts you want regarding what you can do or what you have done in the past. You can fluently speak French among 4 other languages? You were paid 300k at your last job and had 5 weeks paid vacation? You can talk big, but the best potential employers will check their candidates to see if what they are saying might be true.
That’s what link building is on the web.
You can say what you want about your product or services, but Google has a hard time believing you without checking your references.

3 Reasons You Should Prioritize Link Building

  1.  Link building is important because Search Engines (like Google) use the connections between websites to determine your website’s “score”. Did you know that Google keeps a score on just how well they think your website is doing? And it goes up and down with your content, connections, site speed, among other metrics. These scores determine how high or low Google values your website. If you are using a search engine trying to find your own website and don’t see your website showing up in the results, there could be several problems, but one of the most common problems is that Google doesn’t have a framework of what connections make your website important and relevant.Link building will help Google and other search engines realize that your website is valuable and worth reading.
  2. Link building is important because you will attract new traffic when you build and earn links on related websites. So, you leave a valuable comment on a larger blog’s comment section (that just so happens to have do-follow links enabled in their comment section). Or you write a blog post for a blog with lots of traffic and they allow you a do-follow link. Both prosper, but perhaps more so for the little guy. It’s just the same as physical business partnerships. When you partner with a larger company, the larger company gets to keep serving their customers, but the smaller company might gain traffic for years to come from that relationship.
  3. Link building is important because other people in your niche will start to gain respect for you. When you link to a competitor’s website, they get notified of your link. It’s hard to not notice someone who is in a similar line of work who leaves comments on your blog posts and links to their work. You’ll gain authority, and they might even share the comment you’ve written or the work you’ve linked to.
What about if you don’t know how to start link building?

Have you been feeling lost on just how to write blog posts for larger blogs? Would you like to hear more about how to get these connections started and growing strong?

Or maybe you’ve been leaving valuable comments on those blogs and leaving your link, but they have enabled “no-follow” links in their comment section?

Let us help.

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