Local First Facebook

If you don’t yet have local Facebook pages established for your different business location, set them up today! We are watching the internet and people embracing local and it is becoming more and more important for business. Especially business with multiple locations. People are attracted to what is going on within their community. Having local pages gives you more ability for marketing and you can be very specific with different promotions going on in different stores. It also gives people the opportunity to interact with each different store by reviewing and commenting and in turn, gives you more insight into each specific location. Now, don’t throw out your national page, it is just as important for broad information and can direct people to the store closest to them. Start by signing up each store and designating specific location ambassadors that can manage each page, or outsource and hire SEO specialists (like Integrity-Tek.) Next, brief them on the business protocol for each page and be prepared for new interaction with customers. Lastly, be willing to learn and grow. It won’t always go as planned and that is OK, many people trust businesses with good and bad reviews and judge a business based on the way they respond to those reviews. Remember nobody is perfect and that humility is authentic and attractive to customers. Set up your local pages today through the app or desktop, we know it’ll do great things for your business.

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