Reviews: The Consumer vs The Business Owner

Reviews are the number one consumer purchase influencer, they keep business alive and growing. Many businesses don’t recognize the weight that reviews hold. Businesses need a review strategy, a way they will respond to reviews in a timely manner and gain more reviews. Consumers first look for 4 or more stars in a business generally, it’s very understandable for a business to have a few mediocre or bad reviews mixed in with good reviews. Next, they look at the number of reviews, the more the better. Make sure people know your business is able to be reviewed, whether that’s through a sign on the door or a card at the register. Don’t bribe people into reviewing or fish for good reviews, that will more often than not leave a bad impression.  Third, consumers look at the date of a review. The more recent reviews hold more weight because businesses can change over time. And lastly, consumers care about responses to good and bad reviews but especially bad reviews. When a consumer sees a graceful response to a bad review their confidence in that business grows. Also, most people are willing to change there bad review if they are responded to quickly, either at a mobile speed or within 24 hours. We encourage business to keep track of their reviews, using Facebook, Google, Yelp, ext.. as a way to positively influence their business. If you need help with review management, call us today and we will begin the process of creating a review strategy for your business.

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