Changes To Facebook

Avada News   •   June 2, 2016

Recently, we have learned that Facebook is going to change the way they rate posts. This will change exposure for many companies through social media. It will no longer be about likes and reactions but more about comments, shares, direct message, and active responses rather than passive. There will begin to be fewer business posts on Facebook’s newsfeed and the ones that will be there will be held to a higher standard. If a company still wants to use Facebook as a way to advertise they will need to focus more on valuable, relevant posts.

One great way to do that will be through local. Focusing on the area around a business, the community they are in and posting about it, using events in the area, or local news to reach their customers. Businesses will need to start creating posts consumers will be interested in interacting with. They will also need to start reviewing their posts and measuring which ones get the most responses and basing future posts off of that. Posts will need to be more personalized, interesting and response worthy. On the other side of things more and more businesses will need to invest in ads if they want to be seen on facebook. This is an exciting change for some and a scary change for others. If you need help with your Facebook content contact IntegrityTek today and we can help your business’s social media marketing strategies.