Link Building

In this technological age, we have so much knowledge right at our fingertips and as business owners, it cannot be ignored. We’ve talked about location data in terms of SEO before, but since then we have found even more uses and importance of a business’s location strategy. According to a study done by comScore this year, 94% of phone owners own a smartphone, and more than 9 out of 10 of those people use location services. If you take the time to study location data according to your businesses specialty, you have crucial information not only for your clientele but also for running a well-structured business. You can uncover the traffic in your area at certain times of the day and determine how many people need to be staffed. As wells as, what the most valuable operating hours are and work out price planning according to the area. When it comes to marketing using location data,  you have a competitive advantage and can target customers who are more likely to buy with different ads or interactions. You can discover most location data through Google and Apple Maps, or through different companies who have access to more location data. Here at Integrity Tek we strongly encourage looking into location data for the growth of your business.