The Importance Of Reviews For Business

Reviews have become a crucial aspect to local SEO. There are many 3rd party review sources; Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google etc… All can be used to boost a companies credit to the public. Reviews are also becoming more and more advance. Take Google for example, not only does it ask the user to review their location, but it also asks for missing information like the correct address, hours, business information, and even environment. Google uses Local Guides, people who review often and detailed information, as reliable sources, who get more and more reliable with each review and others responses to those reviews.  1st party reviews are also important to have accessible on a business site or social media pages. Companies looking to grow need to build a good reputation and encourage their customers to review their business, through available links on their site or even word of mouth. It can’t stop there, to truly succeed in this a business needs to track and respond to those reviews and be willing to learn from them. The value of reviews as an important SEO tool must be recognized for a businesses success.