Voice Search Changing SEO

The concept of voice search has been around for the last 60 plus years, but in the last 5-7 years, it has made its way into people’s homes, giving them a quick an easy way to search for nearly anything. This affects businesses from almost every industry; health, food, sports, lifestyle, and more. Voice search is an easier way to search and is 3 times more likely to be used than text search. This change is affecting what we know as SEO drastically. It’s no longer about being on Google’s first page but about being the top result. Most voice search engines only give one option when people are searching and that option will be the most popular one with the best SEO backing it up. Because of that, three steps must be taken by businesses who want to grow. The first is optimizing your business listing, this means making sure the information online is accurate through all sources. Also, that your website is mobile friendly. Next, is making sure you have the answers people are looking for about your business, this means analyzing questions people are asking through reviews, comments or personal messages. And lastly, making sure the back end of your website is voice search compatible. Making sure you’re website is staying up to date will only encourage and bring profit to your business.

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