See the future through location

A location has been used for SEO for a little while now. Knowing where people go, what they are close to and how to advertise to those specifics. However, that’s not where it stops, recently there has been a suggestion that location can predict the future rise or fall of a company. It begins with the shopper, a person who has purchased a company’s item at least once. With location, we can study the loyalty of that shopper if they are a returning customer and how often they visit the said company. Once you are able to break down how much loyalty a company has and if that loyalty is growing or shrinking, you can see pretty clearly whether they are thriving or not. This data can also be broken up into demographics for the use of a company’s marketing strategies, seeing where a certain age group, or gender shops most often. From there you can evaluate their desires and market to the clients for your company. There are more discoveries being found daily in the digital age and we need to embrace the knowledge. We encourage all business owners to continue learning and growing for the sake of their company and its future.


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