SEO Trends of 2018

There are many new and old SEO trends that are happening at the moment. Here are a few that we believe are important to understanding. The first is that mobile-friendly websites are on the rise and that means the demand for them is as well. It is very important for businesses to have a mobile-friendly website for their consumers. 82% of people use mobile search to find local businesses and if your website is not mobile friendly, those consumers will have a harder time finding your business. Which brings us to the next trend, Google is now demanding mobile-friendly websites, which means that if you do not meet that requirement you will not show up on Google‘s first page of search results. Most people will only look at the first page to find what they’re looking for. For local businesses specifically, making sure you have correct information regarding location, hours and phone number is crucial. If that information is different or missing on different directories, Google might use the wrong information to direct people to your business as well as not seeing your business as reliable. Something else that has become more and more important is to build relationships with notable bloggers, business owners, and the local journalist. If those people incorporate your business name and website into their website, Google will consider your business more reputable. Searches are a huge way people will find your business and voice search is becoming more and more prevalent. Businesses need to begin to incorporate more FAQ into their websites so search engines will be able to recognize the information they need to direct customers to your business. Lastly, secure websites have a significant advantage. To have a secure website it’s usually a fee of around $77 per year, and Google specifically is pushing more and more for secure websites. Having a secure website will ultimately be better for your business and your consumers. Here at IntegrityTek we are continually researching and learning these new trends so that we can help your business grow in the technological age. Reach out to us for your free consultation regarding your SEO needs!

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