SMB Websites

There’s been a lot of debate in recent years about the importance of websites for small business. With Facebook and Google My Business, how relevant is a personal business website? After researching, we believe websites are still a crucial part of a small businesses advertising and SEO. In a study done by Thrive Analytics in 2016*, they found that out of 5,000+ Adults 30% said they would not consider using a business that had no website. However, the role of websites have changed and need to meet different requirements. To begin with, a companies website can be the main source of content consistency and information hub for search engines. Now, searches have changed dramatically with the development of AI and voice search. Data and content on a website need to be structured well, comprehensive and all-encompassing. Making sure all information is available and ready to be received without difficulty. A website also needs a host, able to change content and data with the change of customer behavior. For example, a websites mobile site is now becoming more important than the desktop version, so a website needs to be updated with that change and make sure it is 100% mobile friendly. Lastly, websites are extremely important with ‘Ready to Buy’ customers, many people research products before purchasing, when a business has a website they are able to have more extensive information on their products. All in all, don’t give up on websites! Be willing to change them to be more useful for business and growth, because they are still creating a useful and important path from the client to business.


*Source: thrive analytics, “The Why Before the Buy” (2016), n=5000